Introduction and Vision

  • Welcome to DGI (Decentralized Gaming Income Token): Embark on a pioneering journey in the gaming industry with DGI. We're more than a gaming guild; we're setting the stage for a revolution in Web3 gaming.

  • Expanding Beyond a Gaming Guild: Our vision extends far beyond our initial gaming guild, DGG. It's a stepping stone, propelling us towards larger ambitions in the Web3 gaming space.

  • Aspiring to be a Game Studio Token: DGI is set to evolve into a game studio token. Our focus is on acquiring and developing top Web3 games, creating a diverse and lucrative gaming portfolio.

  • Revolutionizing Gaming Income: We're reshaping how gaming income is perceived and earned. By funneling revenue from our extensive gaming assets, DGI token holders who stake will receive substantial monthly distributions.

  • A Future of Rewarding Participation: DGI isn't just an investment; it's an opportunity to be part of an aspirational project. Token holders become integral to a system where gaming is not only enjoyable but also immensely rewarding.

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